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Latest from the Blog

Apologies All Around

We’ve really been slacking on these updates, so we apologize. However, things have really been moving at the brewery! Instead of just telling you what’s been happening, why not just show you with some pictures: In addition to all the above, we’ve also: Met with the health department Set a meeting with the local liquorContinue reading “Apologies All Around”

Stuff and things

Welp, we committed to once a week so here goes nothing. Lots of progress on the build out. We had concrete poured in the basement for the structural support of the beam that will reinforce the floor of the brewery (beer is heavy) and now have moved on to sorting out the floor. Since itContinue reading “Stuff and things”

Nice to meet You’s

Hello and welcome to a written account of the going ons at Knack Brewing & Fermentations! Here we will do our best to keep you updated on our progress with the build out, new merch, events, and the reason you’re all here: THE LIQUID! Do we need more explanation regarding the function of this page?Continue reading “Nice to meet You’s”

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